5 Simple and Beautiful Jewellery Gifts Under £30

Picking the perfect gift is no easy task but keeping it simple is a good tactic. There is nothing nicer than getting a beautiful and minimal piece of jewellery that you can wear every day.

Here’s my top 5 Simple and Beautiful Jewellery Gift Ideas.

1.Silver Circle Necklace. £25

circle 3jpgSimple and minimal this necklace looks and feels great. The circle can have so many meanings, love, completion, Karma, life cycles. What does it mean to you? 

2. Molten Droplet Earrings from £15
  molten droplet rose 1jpg
These simple stud earrings have a unique texture that captures how they are made. Silver, Yellow gold and Rose Gold is recycled by melting into Molten droplets, they are finished with a satin sheen. Beautiful and eco friendly.


3. Silver Bar Earrings £20

Silver bar 1jpg

Sleek and clean looking these bar earrings add a modern touch, Polished to a high shine they look great with any outfit.


4. Molten Organic Stud Earrings £20

molten organic 1jpg

Recycled from Sterling silver scraps these earrings each have a unique shape and texture. These are sure to be a hit with any eco conscious jewellery fan.


5. Silver Circle Earrings £15.

Silver circle 2jpg

Circle earrings are a huge trend right now. They are simple and the classic circle symbolizes so many things. So whether you want to gift these as a symbol of Love, Karma or completion they will be loved and worn everyday.


I hope that you like my jewellery gift ideas for under £30. Check out my web shop for lots of other beautiful jewellery gifts.

Ellen x