Anxious thoughts and making a list

Anxious thoughts and making a list

So I woke up this morning feeling filled with anxiety. This is not unusual but I have recently given up my job to run my jewellery business full time. After years of juggling work, family life and running my business it was time to take the leap and venture out on my own. It is equally scary and exciting.

My worries mostly focus on me not being good enough, the new products I have just added are not going to be good enough, I won't make enough money to live, will the customer like the custom order I have been working on? the economy, global events... the list goes on. As I think about my worries and write them down they are mostly out of my control. 

Even the things I can control like improving my skills and techniques are not immediate fixes and I know I just have to sit with my anxiety and somewhat accept it. Just by writing this I am taking back some control and giving myself permission to breathe and tell myself it will be ok. 

I will make a list, I will try to tick the items off my list as I go but not beat myself up if I don't complete every task. I am going into my first full week of being solely self-employed and this is a period of transition. I am excited to have a full week in the workshop and will overcome these anxious thoughts, picking up my tools and making something always soothes my soul and I feel very lucky to be able to make my passion my occupation. 

Ok time to make that list and start, even if I do it badly it is better than never starting at all.