Molten Droplet Earrings

There is something so satisfying about melting metal. I love heating silver and gold until they turn red and become molten. The metal pulls it's self into a sphere, and as it cools the surface sets leaving a unique texture every time.

My molten stud earrings are made in this way. I reuse scraps and off cuts of precious metal and melt them down. Each molten ball is different with its own unique patterns. A larger amount of metal is used for the molten droplet necklace. Just under a gram each. 

I string the molten droplet onto a ball chain, I love how this mirrors the shape of the droplet. The chain looks like it is made up of hundreds of tiny droplets. 

The earrings and necklaces are available in Sterling Silver, 9ct Rose Gold and 9ct Yellow Gold.

Yellow is my favourite colour trend this summer. 

Prices start from £15 up to £45