Bespoke and Custom Ring Design

The Band 

Rings are made up from several key components. Mainly the ring band or shank, this is the  body of the ring. Ring bands come in a variety of basic shapes. D shaped, rectangular, square or round.  The ring shank or band can be plain or may have gemstones set into it.  

The Setting

Another key part of the ring anatomy is the setting. Some settings are set within the band its self. Flush setting creates a smooth surface, perfect for a wedding band that is worn every day. Settings can also be carved into the band, common in eternity rings. 

A bezel is a setting that is attached to the ring band or supported by shoulders. Bezels can be smooth covering more of the stone or can have claws added to expose more of the gem. This is often the setting chosen for a classic solitaire engagement ring.

Precious metals


Rose Gold has a lovely pink shine and is a great choice for a ring. This ring has been made from using both 9 carat Rose Gold for the granulation detail and  ring shank from Sterling Silver. 

Metal is formed into spheres by heating until the metal becomes molten this is called granulation and is ancient technique that adds fabulous detail.

I also work in Yellow and White Gold


Silver is the least expensive of the precious metals and it is perfect for show casing colourful Gemstones. I work in Sterling Silver and use a variety of shapes and sizes in my designs. 

Finish and Texture

Gold and Silver can be finished in a variety of ways. The final step in creating that perfect piece of jewellery is to finish to a high shine or to add texture. Both look great with a hammered, textured finish and a polished shine. Silver looks modern and smooth with a satin finish. Silver can also be aged and oxidised.